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2017 Registration Form

Dear Marketplace Vendor:

It's planning time again for Lanesboro's wonderful Buffalo Bill Days celebration.  This year's dates are August 4, August 5, and August 6 with new events being added, it promises to be a great weekend of fun!

Listed below is the site size and cost.  In order to confirm and hold your site, a non refundable deposit is required at the time of registration.  Deposit equals 100% cost of site, if no deposit is sent with registration, we will not guarantee your site.

Fill in the registration and send your non-refundable payment to the above address.  You will be sent a confirmation by mail.

For returning vendors, we will hold your last year's spot for you, if you register early.  We can not guarantee spots for those that do not register.

Make payments to: Buffalo Bill Days

The space listed below is the width and the depth of the site is a minimum of 12'.  Please indicate which size you need.

______10' @ $2.25 = $22.50  ______       35' @ 2.05 = $71.75

______15' @ $2.25 = $33.75  ______       40' @ $2.05 = $82.00

______20' @ $2.25 = $45.00  ______       45' @ $2.05 = $92.25

______25' @ $2.05 = $51.25  ______       50' @ $2.05 = $101.50

______30' @ $2.05 = $61.50

If you wish to camp at your site (no electric/water), please reserve enough space for both camping and display needs.  In the past, a couple folks have had to plug in to the park outlets; there will be $5.00 a day fee for this.

Set-up and Show:  Set-up will be from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm on Friday, August 5th and 7:00 am to 9:00 am on Saturday, August 6th.  Check-in location in Sylvan Park, near the playground equipment.

Restricted Items: Sales items that are environmentally unfriendly, in extreme poor taste (silly string, penknives, smoke bombs, etc.) will be prohibited.  Exhibitors who DO NOT adhere to the Committee's policies will be asked to leave with no refund.



This Municipality is an equal opportunity provider and employer.