2021 Utility Rates

54.06 2021 Public Utilities Fee Schedule

All fees payable to the City, by reason of this Code, shall be governed by this Chapter; except that if any Code Chapter or State law provides for or requires the payment of a fee to the City and this Chapter makes no reference thereto, then such other Code Chapter or law shall govern; and fees shall be due and payable in full at the time specified in the applicable Code Chapter or State law, and if no such time is provided, fees shall be due and payable upon demand of the City Administrator or other authorized City Officer. The City Council of the City of Lanesboro, Minnesota, ordains fees for Utility Services are listed below and shall be as follows:

Type of FeeFee Amount
Water Connection$750.00
Base Charge (Includes 1000 gallons)33.50
1001-4000 Gallons$7.90 per 1000 gallons
4001-7000 Gallons$11.56 per 1000 gallons
7000 and up Gallons$22.87 per 1000 gallons
State Water Charge Annually$9.72
High Volume Monthly$3.95
Extra Volume 2” monthly$4.70
Sewer Connection$750.00
Sewer Improvement per month$5.60
Base Charge (Includes 1000 gallons)$37.45
1001-4000 Gallons$7.14 per 1000 gallons
4001-7000 Gallons$8.40 per 1000 gallons
7000 and up Gallons$9.072 per 1000 gallons
Flat Sewer Charges (no meter) monthly$37.45
Sewer Base Apartment monthly$6.93
Electric Connection$750.00
Green Power monthly$2.00
City Service charge monthly$200.00
Security Lights monthly$7.53
City Street Lights usage per kWh$0.1296
Residential Base monthly$12.00
Commercial Base 1 Phase monthly$21.60
Commercial Base 3 Phase monthly$37.20
Electric usage per kWh$0.1471
Application for interconnecting distributed generation with capacity 20kW or lessNo Charge
Application for interconnecting distributed generation with capacity between 20-40 kW$250.00
Interconnection Charge$570.00
Installation of Connected Alternative Energy SystemsActual Cost
Excess energy generated – Average Retail Energy Rate (MN Statute 216 B.164)$0.072
Reconnection $75.00
Repairs to Public Streets, Curbs, or Sidewalks due to installation and repairs$350.00 in addition to Market Rate per square foot
Residential Deposit$125.00
Commercial Deposit$150.00
Past Due Penalty Fee10%
NSF Charge$20.00

All fees and charges in effect as of the date of the adoption of the city code for the city shall remain in effect unless otherwise modified by the provisions of this ordinance.  

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