Lanesboro Childcare


Lanesboro Childcare Center

We offer:

  • Experienced, qualified teachers and support staff
  • Hot breakfast and lunch and provided through the Lanesboro Public School meal program plus a healthy afternoon snack at no extra charge to day care participants
  • 1st in the State of Minnesota to offer daycare within the school system (1988)
  • Offered for all families interested in Lanesboro Schools
  • Licensed for up to 98 children 
  • Separate entrance just for daycare
  • Children ages 6 weeks to 12 years can be accommodated
  • Hours from 6:30am to 6:00pm
  • Escorted to and from Preschool classes within the Lanesboro Elementary School
  • Fenced in play yard right outside behind the daycare
  • Planned educational activities and field trips
  • Reasonable rates

Lanesboro’s Eagle Bluff Nature Preschool

Contact Eagle Bluff to learn more here.

Head Start: Fillmore County

Lanesboro – Eagle Bluff Environmental Center, 28097 Goodview Drive, Lanesboro, MN 55949

Daycare in the Lanesboro Public School system allows children to be comfortable in a school setting.  It also is comforting for parents to know that after school their children can go to a safe, enjoyable setting.  With the in-house daycare, Lanesboro Public School is promoting the value of family first, developing children who are school-ready and offering convenient facilities for its patrons.

The Lanesboro Child Care Center strives to provide quality care to all of our children.  Through age-appropriate activities, we are able to help your child grow physically, emotionally, and socially.  We maintain high standards for all staff and attempt to keep child ratios small to provide the individualized care each child needs.

Infant Room - Ages 6 weeks to 18 months

We provide a loving caring environment where any infant can blossom.  Our experienced teachers sing and read to the children and play with a wide variety of toys that challenge your child’s development.  To encourage language and a joy of learning, music is an every day occurrence and we play children’s songs in the infant room throughout the day.

The infant room includes many interactive toys to stimulate your child’s mind and body.  We work on fine motor skills, such as pinching to pick up food, rolling, tossing, smiling, opening and closing fingers, grasping and holding.  To improve their large motor skills we encourage and assist with learning to hug, walk, jump, turn, hop and dance.   To introduce your child to their sense of taste and touch, infants are offered different textures through food, books and toys.

Lanesboro Child Care Center has two 4-child Run About strollers that allow teachers to take groups out for a stroll to see the wonders of the outdoors.   During the summer we have a fenced play area for children to spend some time outside.

We have a separate sleeping room to keep a quiet environment for rest.  The teachers also keep individual records so we can customize the care for each child – so we are feeding, napping and caring for your child as close to their home routine as possible. 

Toddler Room - Ages 18 months to 33 months

This is the age where children learn to play together and discover their environment.  Toddlers seem to experience a new skill or activity every day.  To stimulate their minds and bodies, the days are filled with exciting activities that promote visual and tactile learning.  The children enjoy using all five senses to explore their surroundings.  Our teachers use crafts such as shaving cream, play-doh, painting and hands-on art projects to teach the children how to interact in their world.  They love to get messy and be immersed in the fun. We have daily circle time that includes singing, reading, finger plays and counting.  We use repetition to reinforce what they are learning.  Outside play and free play keep the children stimulated both physically and mentally while maintaining a safe, nurturing, and creative environment.  Weather permitting there are opportunities to play outside in our play yard, go for a walk, or a beautiful stroll in our 4-child Run About stroller.

Preschool Room - Ages 33 months to school age

This age is a wonderful time for making friends and learning skills through play.  Our morning starts with breakfast, followed by a  daily circle time that includes calendar, stories, and songs. The preschool room is set up with a variety of play centers including arts and crafts, blocks, construction, dramatic play, music, science, and a cozy corner with books.  We also have fine motor activities with manipulative toys such as Legos, dinosaurs, farm animals, puzzles, matching games, trains and race tracks to name a few.

We use the Creative Curriculum which focuses on developing Social and Emotional skills to help children adjust to new situations, as well as practice learning skills for group activities and playing with others.  As we Play, Learn and Grow Together, children begin to understand how to follow a classroom routine and participate in a wide variety of activities each day.

Physical exercise and time outdoors is an important part of our preschool experience.  We have easy access to our play yard right outside our door, and we are on the same block as Sylvan Park.  We take walks on the Root River Trail, explore our neighborhood and visit the Lanesboro Public Library.   Now that we are in our new location, we are next to the Elementary Gym and Indoor Playground for additional opportunities for movement and fun!