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To follow up on your ideas to grow winter tourism within our community, the EDA would like to take a deeper dive into your ideas. Through a CEDA/EDA grant, we can identify the market share needs for most products and services. To take advantage of this opportunity: 
  1. Provide Cathy Enerson, EDA Director, a NAIC business code for your product or service. NAIC codes can be found here. Email the NAIC code to cathy.enerson@cedausa.com.
  2. In the email to Cathy, let her know the area you plan to sell the product or provide the service (i.e. Lanesboro only, or a larger region) 
  3. Cathy will reply to you with a report in late-February as well as follow up with you to review the market share data. Cathy can also provide area business tools and resources. 
Example: If your idea is to open a custom orthopedic shoe store, and you want to reach all of SE MN beginning south of Chatfield and west of Spring Valley, in your email send Cathy both your NAIC code along with an explanation of your target market area.

Requests must be received by January 26, 2024.
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