Prairie Restoration Summary

A prairie restoration project of a remnant prairie on the steep slope behind the east Highway 16  “Welcome to Lanesboro” sign was approved at the January 2023 meeting by the Lanesboro City Council.  The goal was to remove all existing invasive (buckthorn and honeysuckle), to reseed the slope with a short grass pollinator seed mix (see attachment) and interplant with pollinator prairie plants.  Funding for the project was received from the Carl and Verna Schmidt Foundation.

Volunteers cut, piled and burned invasive shrubs and fourteen pickup loads of firewood that was cut from invasive was also removed.  Prairie pollinator plants were planted in late May and the prairie seeds were sown in mid-June.

Prairie short grass pollinator seeds were purchased from Shooting Star Native Seeds, Spring Grove, MN.  Prairie pollinator plugs/plants were purchased from Prairie Moon Nursery, Winona, MN.

In the future, the Lanesboro Fire Department plans on conducting training controlled burns on the site to control re-emerging invasive and favor the prairie plants.

The City of Lanesboro thanks all who participated in this project.

According to the Fillmore County Biological Survey, The Vegetation of Fillmore County At The tIme Of Public Survey (1853-1854), this parcel was once an oak savanna. The prairie was maintained by occasional fires which the burr and white oaks survived because of their thicker bark. Remnant prairie plants still exist on the site. (Big buestem, Indian grass, Johnson grass, bergamot, mullein in the first year alone. This would all be enhanced by a Spring prairie backfire.) 

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