Heritage Preservation Commission

Heritage Preservation Commission Mission Statement

The City Council declared as a matter of public policy that the preservation, protection, perpetuation and use of areas, places, buildings, structures, and other objects having special historical interest or value is a public necessity, and is required in the interest of the health, safety, welfare and prosperity of the people of Lanesboro the purpose of creating the sites and committee are as follows:

  • Safeguard the heritage of the City of Lanesboro by preserving sites and structures which reflect elements of the city’s cultural, social, economic, political, visual or architectural history.
  • Protect and enhance the City of Lanesboro’s appeal to residents, visitors and tourists, and serve as a support and stimulus to business and industry.
  • Foster civic pride in the beauty and notable accomplishments of the past.
  • Promote the preservation and continued use of historic sites and structures for the education and general welfare of the people of the City of Lanesboro.
  • The Council established a Commission of five members that are appointed by the City Council. The Commission’s responsibilities consist of monitoring the current registered heritage preservation buildings for reconstruction, changes and consistencies; recommending additions of properties to the list of heritage preservation buildings; educating the public with respect to the civic and architectural heritage of the City; to work with the Planning & Zoning Commission for approval of site changes and to fulfill all state requirements for having a Heritage Preservation District.

Board Members: Kate O’Neary, Ceil Allen, Mindy Albrecht-Benson, Lori Bakke, and Kathryn Wade

Historic Preservation Meetings are held quarterly on the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm.