Property Appraisal Assessments by Fillmore County

Employees from Fillmore County will be out doing field work in Lanesboro in the next couple weeks.

A brief description of our process is as follows:

We will come to the door to identify ourselves as property appraisers (we will be identified with Fillmore County Identification badges). If the property owner is home we will take the opportunity to discuss basic attributes of the home that are not identifiable from the exterior. We will ask about bedrooms count, bathrooms count, flooring material etc. and after asking for the owner’s consent we will observe the condition of the interior of the structure.  If the owner is not present or denies us access to the interior we will complete the assessment from the exterior. For the exterior we measure and record attributes of the exterior of the buildings. Also part of the process is to  take a few pictures for office use only. If no one is home I will fill out a door hanger with some basic information about the assessment process. This door hanger will also have our phone number listed so that the owner of the property can call and review the interior over the phone. We will continue with the exterior review of property and move along.

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