Request for Proposal for a Marketing Plan

The City of Lanesboro is sending out a request for proposal for a marketing plan through their local economic development group, Lanesboro Entrepreneur Action Network (LEAN). LEAN formed as a subcommittee of the Lanesboro Economic Development Authority. Technical support for LEAN has been provided by the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation. Our planning dollars initiate from a Blandin Grant. 

Based on the 2023 Winter tourism study, Lanesboro business owners find the bulk of their revenue is received during the 7 months of their tourism season. Per our 2023 Tourism
assessment, only 11% of revenue is earned during the winter season. We find there is opportunity for improvement. In June of 2023 Lanesboro completed a winter tourism assessment, we plan to share the assessment with you. Our goal is to market what to expect when Chill-Inn in Lanesboro during the other 5 months of the year. Given Lanesoro has a robust Visitors and Chamber Bureau, Business Promotions Group, and Economic Development Authority, we believe there is an opportunity to grow revenue for our existing and new businesses. With that said we would like to hyper focus marketing efforts on Winter Tourism, especially setting an expectation that Lanesboro is an active community in the summer but a place for fun, health and wellness in the off-peak months. We are exploring the use of our Chill-Inn theme however there are gathering places with events year round where locals and visitors are entertained and or can participate in events.

RFP for Marketing Services

RFP’s are requested prior to July 15, 2023.

For additional information please contact Cathy Enerson at 507-951-3532 or

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