Christmas Lights

My sincerest apologies regarding the Christmas Lights in Lanesboro.  I wanted to take this time to apologize for disappointing the community in not having the Christmas Lights up for the Holiday weekend.  The snowflakes on the street poles are going up today as previously planned.  The Christmas Tree is not as simple, however we are working on it.  Many may not know that the City does not own the land that the Christmas Tree is located on.  For this reason several years back the City Council began a process of working with the property owner to create an easement agreement to access the tree, so that we had a formal document to protect both parties.  Unfortunately, this agreement was not finalized prior to the property owners suffering a major loss.  It was my decision to pause the discussion, however ultimately I should have followed up sooner with the current property owner to request access in order to maintenance the tree and ultimately turn it on.  As I noted I am working on this, and I appreciate your patience as we navigate through this.  Please feel free to reach out to the City Office with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Michele Peterson, MCMC City Administrator/Clerk City of Lanesboro