Covid-19 Response

The City of Lanesboro has implemented numerous protocols and initiatives over the last four months in a continued effort to protect the vitality and safety of our residents, businesses and visitors as we deal with the fluidity of the Covid 19 pandemic. 

We also appreciate the unprecedented collaboration between various Community organizations and businesses that share our goal of doing what’s best for us all. These collaborations have provided a unified message to inform the public of the means by which we all can protect ourselves through the use of personal protection and social distancing. Many of these measures can be found on signage throughout town, and multiple websites including those of the chamber and the city. People will also notice the addition of hand washing stations and bathroom facilities to the downtown area for guests, and the numbers and locations of these facilities will be evaluated by council as we move forward.

Understanding the importance of keeping the community informed and included in this ongoing dialogue the city has made some significant changes to how we conduct government. The city has launched a new municipal website where people can find detailed minutes of all city meetings, contact information for all council members and administration. Via this website people will now be able to subscribe and receive email notifications and links that will provide updates and other things of importance. City meetings have also been improved to allow for greater participation by the use of Zoom, and a change in venue. With Zoom people are able to participate from the comfort of their home, and by moving all meetings to the community center gym social distancing is much more practical. If people do choose to attend meetings in person, we do ask to follow guidelines on personal protection which includes the wearing of masks.

We continue to follow mandates and guidance from the state and county as we address Covid 19, However the city will take actions that best suits Lanesboro as they arise. The State also understands the importance of communities to do what’s best for themselves, and new funding provided by the Cares Act reinforces this. To use these funds the city has created a taskforce which includes members of council Harvey and Bakke and administration with the goal of providing more resources for the safety of our community.

As we continue to move forward in a pragmatic fashion, we do encourage people to reach out to members of council and administration to articulate concerns and suggestions. Contact information can be found on the city website (, so please feel free to reach out as your feedback and ideas are extremely important to us.  

We also respectfully ask that visitors and residents understand the situation at hand and be considerate of those around us by following safety guidelines, in particular the use of masks and social distancing.

Mayor Jason Resseman

City of Lanesboro