Seal Coating to begin 6/17

Fahrner Asphalt is ahead of schedule and will begin moving in equipment today 6/16 and will start the seal coating on 6/17

The City of Lanesboro and Fahrner Asphalt Sealers will be seal coating areas of Lanesboro. Fahrner plans to be here in Lanesboro to begin on June 18 or 19.
Areas to be worked on include the 700 Blocks of
Parkway Ave S
Kenilworth Ave S
Calhoun Ave S
Auburn Ave S
Fillmore Ave S

Plus N. Kenilworth from the Post Office N. to Ashburn St.

Beacon St E from Kenilworth to Parkway

Dead Ends on Parkway Ave N, Kenilworth Ave N and Fillmore Ave N